I'm creating a PDF where I add some text to each page as well as 2 lines. On one specific page, there's a table where I change the background color of a cell. I now get the cell with the background color I specified (grey), but the lines also change from black to grey.
I have a C# application that generates a PDF invoice. In this invoice is a table of items and prices. This is generated using a PdfPTable and PdfPCell s. I want to be able to right-align the price column but I cannot seem to be able to: the text always comes out left-aligned in the cell.
I need to precisely position an image over a table, for example: Observe that the image overlays a specific set of rows and columns: it overlays row 5 and row 13 partially, and rows 8-12 completely; it also overlays columns C and D partially. In other words, I want to say that the top-left of the image should be in the cell C5, and 4pt below and 6pt to the right of the top-left of C5. How do I do this? I thought I'll add the text to the table, add the table to the Document, and then query the table to get the absolute positions of the rows and columns, and then add the image to the ...
I want to create a table with a little headline, "Company name" for example, where the text should be a little smaller than the rest of the text. Currently I'm using cells and was wondering if I can use 2 different font sizes within the same cell?
I am adding a table to a PDF file. I have 3 rows and 3 columns. I want the first column to appear only once as a single cell for all the rows. The result should be like where it says Deloitte in the column of company as shown in the image: Table showing desired result
I have a nest List with data (List<List >). How can I create a table that contains this data?